The Orchid Room, 31-37 Artemis Lane QV
Functions direct line: (03) 8660 6333

Our Story

The Orchid Room is the Function Centre for the Red Spice Road Group.

Fashioned after the immensely popular Red Spice Road restaurants, The Orchid Room opened in late 2012 in a space adjacent to the newly opened Red Spice Road QV.

After five years of popular events at the original McKillop Street site (corporate and non-corporate), the management of Red Spice Road were drawn to the exciting potential of hosting functions at the QV site.

And so The Orchid Room was born – a striking oasis capable of hosting between 30 and 300 people. The Lower Orchid Room can host up to 150 stand up and the Upper Orchid Room can seat a maximum of 140 around the interior pond. Joined together, the Upper and Lower can host 300 people standing up.

Your journey may begin at Red Spice Road, but we will ensure The Orchid Room is a stop-over to remember.

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